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Technical Coordination of International Research Projects & e-Infrastructures includes working and guiding the main partners resultinf in the necessary work towards a common timetable.International Research Projects & e-Infrastructures always have the need of professionals that can monitor and widen the bottleneks of vital technicals activities. Advance Servics already has in its portfolio a variety of interantional international high scale reaserch projects , such as PHAROS and LifeWatch ERIC

Technical coordination of international Research Projects & e-Infrastructures​

Designing , engineering and implementing research e-infrastructures projects is at the core of the global business field . Designing and implementing e-infrastructures preoccupy a multilevel of skills and programming language

Design and implementation of research e-infrastructures​

Bulding semantic big data-bases conquers the interest of a variety of stakeholders , in a variety of fields. Data modeling , mapping , normalization , tranformation , and querying signifies the creation of sematnic databases . Our team holds expretise and shines out as desired technical partners in semantic technologies projects.

Semantic Services

Blockchain Techologies represent a global raising phenomenon that reinforces safety by applying a recors-keeping technology. It employs smart-contracts , proverance tracking , token-based crowdsourcing , cooperative services validation and block sematnic enrichment , woking mainly with Ethereum and Hyperledger.

Blockchain Technologies